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Young Leaders

The Young Leaders Academy is a crucial initiative that aims to nurture future leaders and empower young adults to foster leadership skills, personal development, entrepreneurship and civic engagement.
They will develop neuropathic ways to activate new ways of problem-solving through art, music, visualizations, and writing workshops.

Empowering the
Doers, Dreamers & Leaders
of tomorrow


Learning through art, music,
visualizations, and writing workshops

Skills they will learn

  • Confidence

  • Emotional regulation

  • Growth mindset

  • Resiliency

  • ​Self-advocacy

  • Team building

  • Social Skills

  • Financial literacy

  • and more!

Program is designed
for ages 11-18
from 4 to 6 weeks.

Activate your child's brain! 

The program will activate the right brain.

"Your right brain is in charge of the big picture and big muscles. It understands where our bodies are in space and it is vital to social interaction and our understanding of our own and others feelings. It is our sensory brain so it processes the environment around us including what we see, hear and smell."-

By activating the right brain they are able to use the left and right hemispheres in a more cohesive way, which will help them with social skills, regulating their emotions, cope with stress and build resiliency. 

We will activate the right brain by:

  • Utilizing certain games

  • Visualizations

  • Yoga movements 

  • Arts and music

By the end of the program, they would have developed a business idea and work together with their peers to create a business plan.

Lastly, they will get inspired from community and civic leaders.

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Find Your Talents and Passions Workshop


10 years old
Future doctor

It was an amazing and awesome experience. It was the coolest thing to see myself in a doctors outfit helping my friends.


6 years old
Future artist

I want to be a painter and I saw myself in the forest drawing a deer. I was in a very happy place.


12 years old
Future baseball player

I saw myself in a blue uniform playing baseball and my friends and family were cheering for me. I loved it!

Our mission is to inspire and give tools and resources to underserved kids and the youth to explore civic engagement, leadership and entrepreneurship for academic and personal success.

The true sign of intelligence is not



- Albert Einstein

Parent's Corner 

Mindset Masters 

Workshops for parents to access tools to support the emotional and mental growth of their child.

1. Understanding Growth and Fixed Mindset in Parenting
2. Cultivating Resiliency and Grit
3. The Power of Praise and Positive Feedback
4. The Science of How the Brain Learns
5. Why Mistakes/Failure Are Great

Colleagues at Work
Online Class
Father and Children
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